Board of Mayor and Aldermen

The Town of Louisville is governed by a Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA). Click here to email the BMA. The BMA develops policy and establishes ordinances and regulations to manage the town as provided by law. Daily operations are managed by the Mayor. Committees, commissions and boards are authorized by the BMA to encourage citizen participation and to accomplish the Town’s mission. BMA members are elected by the citizens for a four-year term. They receive no pay. Members of the current BMA are listed below with their term-ending date, career information and contact information:


Jill Pugh (2026), Teacher,Email Mayor Pugh


Steven Kelley (2024), Realtor/Hospitality Manager, Email

Daniel Franklin, Vice Mayor (2026), CPA, Email

John Loope (2026), Email

Steve Carico (2024), Email


The BMA has employed the following professional staff to help accomplish its mission.

BMA Assistant - Debbie Walsh, 681-1983, Email BMA Assistant Walsh

Administrative Assistant - Hailey Russell Email Admin Assistant Russell

Office Assistant - Emma Stinnett Email Assistant Stinnett

Community Room Assistant - Glenda Skurda

Recorder & Treasurer - Mike Long, Email Recorder Long

Town Engineer- Roger Bird,Email Engineer

Supervisor - Roads & Property Maintenance - Barry Loope, 681-5551

Codes Enforcement/Building Official - Barry Ottinger, Email Codes Official Ottinger