Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is a citizen board established by the BMA. The PC is charged with guiding the most appropriate use of land and coordination for harmonious development; maintaining and stabilizing the value of property; securing safety from fire, panic and other hazards; preventing undue concentrations of population; creating a comprehensive and stable pattern of land uses that protect the environment, planning for future growth; and promoting health, safety, morals, convenience, order, prosperity and welfare of the present and future inhabitants. The BMA has granted the PC authority to administer the planning ordinances.

There are seven members of the Planning Commission. One member is the mayor (or the mayor’s designee), one member is a BMA representative appointed by the mayor and five members are citizens appointed by the mayor. They are unpaid volunteers. Terms of the five appointive members are five years. Current members and their term ending year are:

John Loope, Chairman (Mayor Designee) - Email Planning Chairman Loope
Rick Fuller (2025)
Gwynne Macon (2024)
Rob Daugherty (2027)
Alderman Steven Kelley (BMA Representative, Secretary)
Faye Beaudette (2025)
Kent Vaught(2023)

PC Meetings Reports, Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map

Click on any link below to view that particular document. Paper and/or sound recordings of missing meeting documents should be available at Town Hall. Meeting reports listed below are only the minutes that have been approved by the Planning Commission. Draft minutes are not posted until approved at the next PC meeting.


Subdivision Regulations - January 2013
Louisville Zoning Ordinance, April 11, 2017
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance - Minimum Lot Size
Amendment to Zoning Ordinance - Design Review Commission
Incorporated Area Map - July 2013


November 21, 2023


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