Design Review Commission

The DRC is enabled by the BMA and has been granted the authority to review building plans of commercial buildings, public buildings and some subdivision developments to ensure that the appearance conforms to acceptable town standards, which were developed to promote aesthetics and safety.

Members of the DRC are appointed by the BMA. As a result of a new ordinance approved by the BMA on June 14, 2011, the DRC has undergone a complete makeover.

Current Members:

The current members were appointed at the March 8, 2016 BMA meeting with the initial terms staggered to spread out term expiration. Listed below are the current members and term expiration year. All future appointments will be for a three-year term as required by Ordinance 2011-4.

Patrick O’Hara, Chairman, 2026
Debbie Walsh, Secretary, 2026
Steve Carico, BMA Representative
Scott Bassitt, 2025
Bridget Griffin, 2025

The Design Review Commission administrative rules and procedures may be viewed by clicking here.