Recreation Advisory Board

The RAB is an advisory body to the BMA in the matter of parks and recreation facilities, activities, staff structure, and any other topic related to parks & recreation in the Town of Louisville, Tennessee.  The BMA makes the final determination of which persons sit on the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board. The advisory board may submit names for consideration, but at no time do they have the power to appoint, fill a vacancy or replace a member without the written consent of the BMA. The members shall include a representative from the BMA, a representative from  Middlesettlements Elementary School, and three community members at large.  This board will have a total of five members.

David Reece, Chairman

Daniel Franklin, Secretary (BMA Representative)

Karne Lewis (Middlesettlements Elementary School Representative)

Scott Cupp

Brad Headrick

Recreation Advisory Board Minutes and Agenda's for 2023

Recreation Advisory Board Minutes and Agenda's for 2024

Recreation Advisory Board Upcoming Meeting Information